NBA Preview : Atlantic Division

Boston —  The Celtics are coming into this season coming off a surprising visit to the finals and this year the road back will be even tougher for the Celtics. Besides the big 3 down in Miami to deal  with they are a year older and not getting any younger and this is evident by them adding more age in Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal. This is the real question for the Celtics is when is father time going to catch up with them and bring them down. I think they have one more run in them but in my opinion they are a conference final team and nothing more and I believe this is the year that there age starts to show. My prediction for the Celtics is around 52 wins and a 3rd to 5th round playoff seeding.

New Jersey —  This is a team that was a high lottery pick and went into the offseason will a ton of money to spend and they walked away with little to nothing. They were hoping to land James but failed and then like a little kid in a candy store blew most of the space on average players and gave them larger than needed contracts. Instead of getting a marquee name they got Outlaw , Farmer , Morrow and Petro and none of those will strike the fear into any opposing team coming into play them. They do have some nice talent besides Devin Harris in Terrence Williams and their first round pick this year in Favors who will learn the four spot under Troy Murphy who they acquired also during the offseason. This is a team that wants to make a splash and bring in a star and they came close in getting Carmelo and I am sure will try again but unless they can pull off a major trade this team is in major rebuilding mode.  They should put up more wins than last years total of 12 but it still will not be enough to make the playoffs even in the east. My prediction for this team is without a blockbuster trade is another trip to the lotto and around 25 wins.

New York —  The Knicks should be better as they might have missed out on James and unlike their cross town rival the Nets they were able to at least salvage their offseason by inking Superstar Amare to a deal and bringing in a solid point guard free agent in Felton. They also were able to not lose David Lee for nothing and got a few solid pieces and one of them is Anthony Randolph who should flourish in the system ran there. However they are still looking to bring in another star to pair with Amare and have their eyes set on Carmelo but in my opinion lack the pieces to get him via a trade. They will be more competitive and i think have a shot at making the playoffs but only if Gallinari and a couple of others raise their game up. My prediction for the Knicks in they will be fighting for a playoff spot more than likely the last 3 spots and I think they can pull out 42 to 45 wins for this season.

Philadelphia —  The Sixers are a team who is bringing in a new head coach in Doug Collins and have a new Top 3 pick in Evan Turner and both should help the team for the coming season. This team had a pretty good roster turnover in the offseason and that can only be a good thing considering they only won 27 games last season. They have a pretty solid young nucleus to build around in Iggy , Turner and Willians but they still will have plenty of growing pains but they are pointed in the right direction in my opinion. My prediction for the Sixers this season is around 30 to 33 wins and another trip to the lotto but they are a team on the rise.

Toronto —  The Raptors lost their star player in Bosh when he bolted for sunny Miami and this is a team that will more than likely be taking a step back from the 40 games they won last season. They were aggressive this offseason to bring in some players to help the team like Barbosa and bringing back Kleiza who was playing in Europe. They have some nice solid players and are built like a Euro team for the most part and they are going to be hard to predict by I will try. My prediction for the Raptors is around 33 to 36 wins and maybe fighting for the last spot in the playoffs but I think that is a longshot.



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  3. Blasterfi9 says:

    someone who doesnt think the raptors r the worst team in the league…. this is the first i’ve seen of this. WOW….. but ya they arent, playoff spot is gonna be a miracle for them, but they should be like 10-11th in the rankings at least for the east

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